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Created 2-Dec-07
Modified 8-Dec-07
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OK, this is my first real attempt at shooting birds. It's much more difficult than I thought, but can be very rewarding.

The first 13 photos are from Lakeland, Florida near Tampa, where I was actually looking to shoot alligators, but saw lots of birds hanging around, and unfortunately saw zero alligators before I had to go in to work nearby that day.

The remaining birds in this series were taken in Redondo Beach, California. Pelicans (on the 2nd page) were everywhere, and I was able to get fairly close. I can only imagine, if these birds were to turn rabid, what havoc and damage they can dish out. Their faces and eyes reveal a certain intelligence and awareness that can be a little... disturbing ;-)

Catching birds in flight proved to be very challenging and fun. I can certainly appreciate those clear crisp shots of birds in flight I've seen from photographers!

I hope you enjoy these...