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Bishop Castle is located in the Isabel National Forest in southern central Colorado.

Jim Bishop has been building his castle - by hand - since 1969. He himself cuts and places the stones, and does the ornamental iron-work. He can often be seen welding, hand-lifting or craning stones and is a very interesting person to talk to... if you have the time, he will talk your ear off, but is a very nice man with strong ideas about government, and is not shy to express them.

The public is invited to see and walk through his castle at any time during daylight hours. He accepts donations, but does not charge a fee for entrance to the public, as he is adamant about not having to pay taxes on his life's passion, but wants to share this passion with anyone and everyone who is interested to see what he has done - it is truly remarkable.

Persons visiting can wander through and explore any part of the castle, and climb the inside of the towers all the way to the top via the winding staircases made of iron and stone. There is a large bell to ring by pulling a heavy rope in one of the towers.

Being that this is a work in progress, there are several stairways that currently lead to nowhere, and open windows that you can walk out to an open balcony - with no rails.

The round ball-like framework at the top right of the castle has a winding stairway inside it, leading to the very top; the round framework there will eventually hold glass panes to view the stars at night.
NIKON CORPORATION NIKON D40X, f/9 @ 18 mm, 1/80, ISO 400, No Flash