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I hope you enjoy these images as seen through my eyes and mind.

I live in Southern California, and started getting involved in photography several years ago. My specialty and favorite shooting subject is landscapes, but am branching out to other types of photography as well.

My photographs are a representation of not only what I see, but also what I feel when I look at something. Many of my pictures are not typical ratios, such as 4x6 or 8x10, mainly because I do not like to confine my pictures to a pre-set composition or ratio... Life, feelings, and scenes are not set in any way, and I want to give my pictures that same freedom of expression.

Please leave comments and sign the guestbooks. You may also contact me at my e-mail address ([email protected]) with any comments or questions.

Most of my photographs are very high resolution, and can be purchased in different sizes with great framing and matting options directly from the viewing pages... you will not be disappointed.

I am continuously taking and adding new photographs, so stop by often... For now, please, be my guest, relax, and I hope you enjoy my photographic expressions.

Thank you for visiting,

- Alberto Hernandez

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Guestbook for Alberto Hernandez Photography
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neue weihnachtssprüche(non-registered)
neue weihnachtssprüche http://weihnachtstexte.eu
Robert Lapin
Hey, a while back you asked how to disable flash on Nikon D40. You got a bunch of flak from camera snobs and I wanted the answer myself and I figured it out. Turn camera on. Set everything in Auto mode. Push Flash button and release. The display comes on and there is a flashing question mark in the lower left corner. Press the button below the question mark that looks like a magnifying glass with a + in it. Now use the navigation buttons to highlight the flash icon and press the OK botton. Navigate to the setting you want, like turning it off, and press OK. Push the info botton to exit. The bad thing is you have to reset it after power down. Please email me and let me know how it works. Also I couldn't join the forum so if you could go back and leave instructions, all us non jerks would appreciate it.
Very nice pics, want to thank you for explanation how to load navigation update onto flash drive.
All the best to you
Tim Stinnett(non-registered)
Again, totally cool pics.